Year: 2022
Client: Sabrina Carpenter
Type: Graphic Design & Typography

Director Amber Park commissioned Studio Peter van Langen to create the graphic design for Sabrina Carpenter her music video Because I Liked a Boy.

Directed by: Amber Park
Creative Director: Sarah Carpenter
Production Company: Radiance Pictures
Executive Producer: Nuer Taqa
Producer: Zoey Pressey
Production Manager: Mike Zielinski
Director of Photography: Luis Perez
Production Designers: Brittany Porter & Hensel Martinez Choreographer: Jasmine Badie
Stylist: Ronnie Hart
Hair: Evanie Frausto
Makeup: Allan Avendano
Editor: Zoey Peck, Ethos Studio
Co-Editor: Danielle Schneiderman, Modern Post
Associate Editor: Audrey Leach
VFX: Foreign Xchange
VFX LTunjayork
VFX: Retina Imageworks
Color: Bryan Smaller, Company 3
Graphic Design: Peter van Langen
Sound Designer: Jack Liden

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