Client: Self Initiated Project
Year: 2019
Type: Documentary

The documentary Midnight Frontier tells the story of activists that stand at the frontline of LGBTQI+ activism in Georgia. How do activists deal with homophobia there, what is the role of the church and the government? And what does club Bassiani means for them?

They recount their experience during the International Day Against Homophobia, in which they were assaulted by thousands of anti-gay activists, led by the Georgian Orthodox Church. Club Bassiani, and their queer nights Horoom Nights, form their fort of resistance to homophobic violence. For them, nightlife in Georgia is not an escape, but a way to resist. A fight that is not contained within the walls of the club, uniting friends and enemies through dance.

Producer & Director: Peter van Langen
Co-director: Iris-sanne van der Aar
Cinematographer: Charlie Feld
Editor: Lianne Kotte
Editor trailer: Tim Straver
Color Grader: Charlie Feld
Sound Designer: Max Oostveen
Composers: Sebastian Böldt, Philipp Fromme
Graphic Designer: Peter van Langen

Special thanks to: Bogomir Doringer, Paata Sabelashvili, Eric de Keizer and Mario van Megen, Bassiani, Radion Amsterdam and The Cause

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